Mark is not only the owner of MGS he is also a phenomenal hair stylist.  A true character with a lifetime of stories to tell a seat at Mark’s chair will have you coming back for more.

JP brings many years of experience and fine detail to his work – which he combines with his passion for the beauty industry.

Jim offers time-honored results with exceptional and dedicated professional values to care for one of your most precious assets — your appearance – and your hairstyle, haircut and hair color, are critical and key components of your appearance.


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Garrett  uses his intuition and skills to deliver a concentrated and focused massage. He provides Swedish and Deep Tissue modulations. He can also use Hot Rocks to enhance the experience. Garrett can customize the massage to meet your specific needs.

Kip  is an intuitive and insightful trained professional who is passionate about the male form bringing forth his knowledge and experience to provide a rejuvenating experience. Trained in multiple modalities including Swedish, Thai, chirapsia and sports recovery.

Danillo  has been working in the field of massage since 1996. He was the “go to guy” for the LAPD, chiropractic offices and top athletes. He has a keen sense of what is going on with the body, allowing him to be able to spot a problem area. Danillo can customize the massage to meet your specific needs.

Walt  believes deeply in the power of touch and understands its an essential part of a balanced self care routine.  He combines Swedish, deep tissue and gentle joint mobilizations techniques to effectively soften tension and deliver a service that heals and calms both the body and mind.


Jason starts out with a hot warm towel to relax the muscles and then use a combination of Deep Tissue xMassage and Swedish Massage. He can also integrate Chinese Massage techniques. Jason can customize the massage to meet your specific needs.



Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Retired Circus performer. Massage therapist graduate at A2Z in Los Angeles



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Sabastian offers something very special in the skin care industry: an exclusive, tranquil one-on-one client service. Enjoy your own personal escape and transform your skin.


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JP can assist you in getting rid of that unwanted fur from top to bottom. JP offers waxing and manscaping. JP is also verse in manicures and pedicures.

Jim is an expert at eliminating the hair down there or really any where. A feather like touch when it comes to waxing.

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